The Blessed Flea


In her book, The Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom shares a story about when she and her sister first entered the barracks at the concentration camp. Corrie felt something bite her, and to her horror, she saw that the barracks were swarming with fleas. Her sister promptly began to thank God that she and her sister were able to remain together, and then went on to thank God for the fleas. Corrie could not believe that her sister would actually thank God for the fleas. Her sister turned to her and quoted the scripture from Romans, and told her sister that even the fleas were of God’s creation and that yes, they should be grateful. Corrie shook her head and just couldn’t come to grips with the idea that fleas could be a blessing, and could only see them as a curse.

When Corrie and her sister entered the German concentration camp, Ravensbruck, she was miraculously able to smuggle in a New Testament. At night, the New Testament became a gift to all who shared the barrack. The ladies would gather around as Corrie read the scripture. In time, Corrie observed that the guards never came into their barrack and they were free to read and pray. Why, she wondered? What finally came to light was that the guards were afraid of the fleas, and it was then that she realized that yes, her sister had been right, give thanks, even for the fleas.

There are times in our lives when we can’t possibly believe that God has a blessing in store when we face horrific situations, causing us to wonder if God is even there.

Let us keep looking to Jesus. Our faith comes from Him and He is the One Who makes it perfect. He did not give up when He had to suffer shame and die on a cross. He knew of the joy that would be His later. Now He is sitting at the right side of God.

Hebrews 12:2

In my upcoming posts, I will share some of my experiences of when all seemed lost, when God made a way when I thought there was none.


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