The Reward For Forgiveness


Forgiveness is difficult and something we all struggle with. How do we forgive someone who hurts us? How do we forgive the person who feels no remorse for what they have done? The answer lies in what Christ did for us. He forgave and showed us what forgiveness is.

Taking a step to forgive another is not easy, and all the more when it is a parent, a parent who has done the unthinkable. After a considerable amount of prayer, and all the strength I could muster, I called my father, and he agreed to see me. There had been a number of years of no communication. When he agreed to see me, I had thought, hoped that he would apologize for what he had done. But, there was no apology, and sadly, there was not a lasting reconciliation.

Reconciliation is not the point of forgiveness, nor is an apology. Forgiveness must come from our heart, with no strings attached. We are to live in a state of forgiveness, as Christ said, seventy times seven. It doesn’t mean that we are to become a doormat, allowing another to hurt us time and time again. We forgive, and we move on.

What I had hoped for did not happen, but something even greater did. It was because I took the step to forgive my father that I met my husband. Prior to moving back to Chicago, I had rented an apartment, expecting to move in once I arrived. Little did I know that the owner had sold the building and left with my deposit. I had no where to live. For the time being, I stayed with my mother. I told my father that I was looking for an apartment. He told me that he had met a man who owned rental property, was quite fair with the rent, and a very honest person. A phone call was made, and as it turned out, a apartment would be available in just a few weeks. I moved in, and two years later, this man became my husband.

After I stepped forward to forgive my father, it ultimately felt like a very dark period of my life. I had hoped for a relationship with my father, it didn’t happen. I lost a place to live as well as my money. I had tried to do the right thing.

And we know that all things work together for good to them who love the Lord.

Roman 8:28

Had I not taken the step to forgive my father, had I not lost my apartment, I never would have met my husband. I took a step, and God took it from there. ALL THINGS do work together for good to them who love the Lord.


One thought on “The Reward For Forgiveness

  1. Rhonda,

    What a beautiful testimony.

    I no longer expect my father to apologize, acknowledge his wrong nor reconcile. I chose to reconcile instead. I chose to overlook his faults and to forgive him. It hasn’t been easy, but it sure has been worth it.



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